Who Do You See As The Characters of Dusk To Dawn?

    Below is a start. Here are my ideas.. please click the forward arrow at the bottom of the page and click on my bulletin board link and let me know what you think of my choices, who you envision in each role, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!


First, the ladies..

Now the guys..



Not only is she pretty but Ashley Judd brings across a feeling of being likeable, accessible, and being able to take care of herself.


Emilio Estevez - he could be your best friend. Big, soulful eyes, and strong shoulder to cry on..

Another pretty brunette that's very likeable in a girl next door kinda way, Jennifer Connelly came to mind..

Matthew McCaunehay has that puppy dog, boyish yet very many quality.. true blue all American

Kelly Rutherford
is a classic lady. A vet of NBC daytime, Melrose Place and Kindred the Embraced, day or night she's a talented actress. Now if she would color her hair brown she'd be perfect!

Eric Stoltz, definitely an 80's guy that could be the boy next door..



GH fans know Lynn Herring as the trouble maker Lucy Coe. Who could be more suited to play Lynn?!

Brendan 'Hubba Hubba" Fraser.. Strong, cultured and dark good looks..

Another veteran of reeking daytime hell,Charlotte Ross was the vixen Eve Donovan back in the 80's hayday of Days of Our Lives. What Eve wanted Eve got.

Dylan McDermott means business on The Practice. Intensely handsome he could be the perfect Zach.



Sexy Portia de Rossi from Ally McBeal works hard in and out of bed, anything to get what she wants.

John Cusack is tall, slim but oh so cute in his own quirky way. With eyes like those the man could charm any lady sharp enough to get to know him..




Help guys! I need ideas for Sally!

Russell Crowe, big strong and manly.. ok so he's not a brunette! : (


Ken Wahl - now here's a big guy that would make any woman feel safe, and he can even pass for Italian!!



Janeane Garafolo's got spunk. Smart, funny and a blast to hang out with she's Phoebe with a capital P!

Michael T. Weiss as Jared (the name's no conicidence!) I love him on the Pretender and I think he'd make a great Jarod.


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