Chapter Four

Jukeanim_gif.gif (45943 bytes) What could she be doing? Mitch thought, descending the stairs. The music was louder now, as he took a seat to listen, at the bottom of the staircase. Don Henley, Mitch thought, shaking his head. He knew her music, and her moods that suited them and brought them on. "Last Worthless Evening" was playing, as Mitch peered around the bottom of the stairs. He saw Jessie, leaning up against the jukebox, her hips swaying from side to side.

    ‘I know you broke up with him, and your heart's still on the shelf,
    it's been over two years for me, and I'm still not quite myself..
    You can't be with someone new, and you can't go back to him,
    you're beginning to realize that it's sink or swim..
    I see you around sometimes, and my heart just melts
    you're lookin' like if you had your wish you'd be somewhere else,
    And it just breaks my heart to see you here this way,
    someday I'll get the nerve to walk up to you and say..
    This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend,
    just gimme a chance to show you how to love again..
    This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend,
    'cuz I'll be there when your broken heart is on the mend..'

    Mitch sighed, knowing what was to come. Unable to bear the thought of Jessie crying, he got up, and started to walk towards her. As he got closer, Mitch could see Jessie's finger trace across the numbers on the juke's keypad, as she looked for another of her song on the machine. Not two weeks earlier, she had asked Mitch to add her songs to the playlist, as he had done many times before, especially for her.

    Jessie turned around, startled, as Mitch reached around her shoulder to tap four digit song code on the keypad. "Mitch!" she jumped back, knocking the CD jukebox just before the song started to play.

    "9903," Mitch laughed, "it's on there, just not listed," he said. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." he smiled.

    The music began to play and Jessie took in a breath, as if she were surprised. Mitch watched her as the music began to play, the tears beginning to build up in the corners of her eyes as Richard Marx's voice filled the room.

    'Just when I believed I couldn't ever want for more,
    This ever-changing world pushes me through another door,
    I saw you smile, and my mind could not erase the beauty of your face,
    Just for awhile, won't you let me shelter you?'

    "Tell you what," Mitch said, "let's go see what he was talking about for ourselves." He led Jess out by her good arm, stopping at the front of the bar to deactivate the alarm system. As the red light turned green, Mitch opened the door, and they stepped out front of the Dusk to Dawn.

    "I'm not dressed Mitch!" Jessie laughed.

    "It's okay. You're wearing more than any swimsuit model does. You'll be fine. Besides, we'll be just outside. Nobody's out at this hour anyway. It's.." Mitch looked at his watch, "3:15. No one's up."


    Jess looked out across the sidewalk at the beach and the water beyond it. The moon hung in the night sky, the lights of the gambling ships carrying happy passengers on one of those night cruises twinkling under the stars, sparkling in the night sky. Jessie shivered, and crossed her arms tightly before her, teeth shattering a little.

    "Come here," Mitch said, pulling her back into him, and holding her tight, his arms across hers. "Better?" he asked, hearing the music still echoing out from inside the bar.

    ‘Hold on to the nights, hold on to the memories..
    I wish that I could give you something more, that I could be yours..
    How do we explain something that took us by surprise?
    Promises in vain, love that is real but in disguise..'

    Jessie bit her lip, and nodded. She was still cold, but it was nice having Mitch hold her. Her mind started to swirl with the events of the day, and tears started to come down her face, her lip starting to quiver, and she bit down on it painfully, trying so hard not to cry.

    ‘What happens now? Do we break another rule, let our lovers play the fool?
    I don't know how to stop feeling this way..
    Hold on to the night, hold on to the memories..
    If only I could give you more.'

    Why had Mitch picked this song? "What song did you think this was?" mumbled Jessie.

    "Endless Summer Nights?"

    Jessie let out a laugh, weighed down with a sob. "It's 'Hold Onto the Night'," she said.

    "Oops," Mitch answered. Instead of making Jess feel better, he had made her feel worse. "I thought it was 'Endless Summer Nights..'" he mumbled. "I put a bunch of your favorite songs on the juke, they're just not listed.."

    ‘Well I think that I've been true to everybody else but me,
    and the way I feel about you makes my heart long to be free,
    Every time I look into your eyes, I'm helplessly aware
    that the someone I've been searching for is right there..'

    Mitch, arms still wrapped around Jessie, felt his heart start to pound. No wonder she likes this song, he thought, hoping that Jess hadn't noticed the way his heart was pounding. Mitch felt Jess draw in a breath, and tense in his arms.

    Head swirling with a combination of pain, anger and fear, Jessie could no longer hold back the tears. What was going to happen now? she thought, a tear streaming silently down her cheek. Love wasn't supposed to be this hard, she thought, choking back a sob. Was anyone ever gonna feel that way about her? she wondered, listening to the end of the song.

    "Let's go swimming," she said, pulling free before Mitch could notice she was crying, running across the sidewalk, and down the beach to the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean before them. Crying wasn't gonna solve anything, much less crying in front of Mitch.

    "But.. but.." Mitch said, watching as Jess reached the water in no time flat.

    She bounded into the surf, kicking up the water, as it quickly rushed up about her ankles, and finally her knees. Mitch followed behind her, shaking his head as his feet sank into the sand, up between his toes, as he watched as Jessie ran along the break line, keeping just ahead of the waves, occasionally being tagged by the lapping waves. Jess played in the surf, almost childlike, until a big wave took her by surprise, knocking her off balance.

    Mitch rushed over to Jessie, and helped her up as she sat in the sand laughing and splashing the water. "I think we better go back inside, you're going to catch a cold."

nitewave_jpg.jpg (483 bytes) Jessie frowned at Mitch. "Okay," she said, kicking the sand at her feet. She had gotten what she came for, the cold water flushing the sadness out of her. Standing up, rivulets of sea water poured down her soaked body, as she squeezed the water out of her hair. Her nightshirt clung to her body, a fact that was clearly not lost on Mitch, who blinked in amazement at her. "Gotta wash the salt out of this hair," she said, quickly, making a mad dash for the Dusk to Dawn.

    By the time Mitch caught up, Jess already had her head inverted in the large double sink behind the bar, and was rinsing out her hair. "This'll have to do for now," she giggled, tilting even lower into the sink, and sneaking a peek upside down at Mitch. "Are you gonna just sit there staring at my butt, or are ya gonna get me a towel?"

    Moments later, Mitch handed Jess a towel, as she leaned up against the jukebox, checking out the latest playlist, while drying her hair. Jessie was soaked from head to toe, a puddle forming at her feet. "I better go get a towel for that puddle too," Mitch grinned.

    "Mitch?" Jessie said, rubbing her hair with the towel.

    "Yeah?" he replied, turning around.

    Jessie smiled suddenly, but it faded quickly, as she went back to drying her hair. "Nothing," she mumbled.

    Grabbing a towel from the stockroom, Mitch was about to head back to Jessie when he stopped dead in his tracks. He watched as Jessie dried her hair, her shirt clinging to her body like a second skin. Following the curve of her breasts, he took in a sharp breath, noticing the way her hard nipples jutting against the moist cotton fabric of her shirt. Reaching for another towel, Mitch grabbed a Dusk to Dawn T-shirt while he was at it.

    "I got two," he said, handing them to her, "and this.."

    Jess grinned, seeing how ruffled Mitch was, and dropped one of the towels on the floor. She hopped onto the towel as it landed, and started mopping the floor with her feet. Rubbing the towel back and forth with her toes, she picked it up off the now dry floor, and handed it back to Mitch.

    "Clean up like that after yourself all the time, and I think we'll all get along fine," Mitch said.

    Jessie laughed and nodded, her eyes locked onto Mitch's. Her hair was still wet, but dryer than before, and curlier. "Guess I'll do this right here," she announced, matter-of-factly, holding the towel in front of her, and dropping the shirt on the pool table next to her, "wouldn't wanna wake Angel.." Jess cocked her head at Mitch, before snapping the wet towel at him. "TURN AROUND!" she laughed.

    "No problem," Mitch lied, starting to walk away.

    "Thank you," she grinned, buffing her body dry, before sliding into the oversized T-shirt. "Pink," she smiled.

    "Sure you're going to be okay?" he asked, back still turned.

    "You can turn around now," she answered, quietly. Without another word, she walked up to Mitch, and handed him the second towel. "Yeah," she said, "I'll be fine." Jessie turned, her words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth, as she headed back towards the jukebox.

    "One more thing Jess," Mitch said.


    As soon as she turned around, Mitch was practically on top of her, Jessie's lips parting in surprise, and he kissed her, his hands going to Jessie's sides, one resting at her hip, the other sliding up to her face, gently caressing her cheek. Mitch's eyes were closed, as their lips came together. Feeling Jessie shiver, he pulled her closer to him, her cold body a definite contrast to the warmth of her lips, and Mitch held her tightly to him, not wanting to let go. All the mistakes he had made before - all the passed up opportunities, and second chances - he was tired of watching it all pass by.. Coulda, shoulda, DID!

    They had danced around the issue of the kiss back at his office all night, neither wanting to cross into that unfamiliar territory. Yet something magical happened, a combination of how late it was, the music playing in the background, Jessie didn't know. All she knew was that it felt good to be in Mitch's arms, feeling his fingers softly, lovingly caress her moist skin.

    For once in her life, Jessie let go, letting the cards fall where they may, as she answered the ardor of Mitch's kisses. Too long had she longed to feel passion in her life again, the warmth of caring no amount of money could ever duplicate. Pressed up against the jukebox, Jess was one with the moment, the music pulsing through her body, only accentuating the rhythmic beating of her heart. Gone was the pain in her wrist, any thought of Zach, all but Mitch.

    'There's a story in my eyes, turn the pages of desire,
    now it's time to trade those dreams
    for the rush of passion's fire..
    I can feel you tremble when we touch
    when I feel the hands of fate
    reaching out to both of us
    this love affair can't wait..'

    She was swept back into an easier time, when things were less complicated, when she did what felt good, and enjoyed the moment for all it was worth. Her whole body tingled, feeling just short of naked beneath the light T-shirt, that clung to her still moist skin, as she pulled Mitch to her, capturing his mouth with her kiss, long, deep and wanting, as she pressed her body longingly against him. She needed him close, wanting to absorb the heat of his passion, to warm her long cold soul.

    "Jess.." Mitch moaned, turning his attention to her neck, as she clung to him, letting her hands roam freely over his body.

    'I can't hold back I'm on the edge
    your voice explodes inside my head
    I can't hold back, I won't back down
    it's too late to turn back now..'

    Mitch matched her ardor, sliding his own hand up and under her nightshirt, higher, exploring, his own desire reaching a fever pitch, threatening to knock over the jukebox. Mitch straightened up, and, with Jessie still clinging to him, backed up, until he bumped into the edge of the pool table.

    A mixture of momentum and adrenaline pulled Jess over and on top of Mitch, wanting more, needing more. Hair tousled and wild about her shoulders, she leaned down, surrounding Mitch with a curtain of her hair. Tossing her long locks over to one side, Jessie made up her mind. Nothing would keep her from quenching the hunger that raged inside her.

    Mitch kisses were more urgent now, his hands grasping Jessie's ass, pressing her body against the length of him. The time had come at last, and he tried hard to slow down his passion-driven brain, so that he could savor every delicious detail.

    "What the hell is going on down there?!"

    It was as if a bucket of cold water had been doused on the two, as they heard a bellow coming from upstairs. "Can't a guy get some peace and quiet around here?"

    For a split second, Jess looked down at Mitch with a 'so what?' look on her face, but seeing a less than enthusiastic look on Mitch's face, as Angel could be heard bounding down the stairs, she leaned down and whispered something quickly into his ear. "This isn't over.. by a long shot.."

    "GEEZ LOUISE! I mean it's four friggin' o'clock in the morning," Angel snarled, appearing from the foot of the stairs quick enough to see Jess hop off the pool table, and Mitch striking a nonchalant pose against it.

    Approaching Mitch, Angel calmed down, seeing the state of disarray Mitch's clothes were in, knowing for certain now that he had interrupted something. "I'm sorry guy," Angel said, fumbling his words, "I had no idea," he continued, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.

    "Apparently not," Mitch groaned, watching Jessie rummaging behind the bar, in a crouched position, hoping

absolut.gif (15536 bytes) Angel hadn't noticed her. Taking what she needed, she stopped, peering at Mitch from behind the edge of the bar, just long enough to crook her finger at him, making the 'cmere motion. "I need a drink," Mitch announced, heading for the bar, on the pretense of mixing himself a drink. Waiting for him on the counter top, was a note, scribbled on a cocktail napkin:

    'Get rid of the Grizzly and meet me in back if you dare. J'

    Mitch couldn't help but smile. Maybe there was hope of salvaging the evening after all, if Angel managed to get the hint. Telltale sprinklings of sugar let Mitch know she had been gathering the items for her emergency 'what the hell' lemon drops kit, before slipping away into the back.

    "Listen buddy, I'm gonna go.. I got some things I gotta do," Angel mumbled, apologetically.

    "No problem," Mitch said, with a smile, watching Angel quietly climb back up the stairs.

    Mitch needed something to calm his nerves. What better than this? he thought, grabbing a bottle of After Shock, and downing a quick shot. Somehow it was appropriate, the whole evening being one huge surprise. His eyes settled back on the note. And it's not even over yet, he thought, turning towards the back.

    "Jessie?" he said, taking in a quick breath when he saw Jess. He didn't need a light to see her features. He's known these features forever, seen them in his dreams, her lips under his fingertips, her cheeks cupped in his hands. And those eyes, those wonderful hazel eyes. How many times had he seen that look in her eyes, when she looked at a handsome young man who caught her eye, or when Zach did something wonderful for her, despite it always being some apology, for something he did wrong. The very same eyes that sparkled now in the darkness of his office, like stars. Time and time again Mitch had dreamed of that look in her eyes and fantasized, and now they were looking right at him.

    As soon as Mitch entered the room, her eyes shot through the dark like a laser beam straight to Mitch's baby blues. She'd always liked Mitch's eyes. Mitch wasn't overly handsome, but there was something handsome about him, and it started with his eyes, which always seemed to be hiding something. They weren't like Zach's eyes, that often gleamed from greed or scheming, but Mitch's eyes were like a child's on Christmas morning, full of innocence. But when he was confused or hurt, they rippled, or deepened like pools when he was deep in thought, pulling you in with their light color, only to darken, when you looked closer.

    Hearing her name, Jessie stood up, wanting to hear it again from him. But Mitch was frozen where he stood, and she knew it. His office was dark, other than for bluish glow coming off the streetlight just outside the window. Jessie got up from the loveseat, and slowly approached Mitch, her gaze never once leaving his eyes. Laying her palms against his chest, Jess pressed him back, leaning him against the office door until it clicked shut. "Is he gone?" she whispered, dragging a kiss across Mitch's lips.

    Mitch nodded, licking his lips, tasting a mixture of lemon and sugar. Jessie it seemed, had started the party without him. Feeling her lay her palms on his chest, it swelled at her touch, as Mitch took in a sharp breath, simultaneously pulling in his gut. "I double dare you," Mitch whispered.

    "Double dare me to do what?" she laughed.

    "You dared me - I'm here.."

    Jessie nodded. "I must admit, I'm shocked."

    Mitch lifted his hand to her face, and slowly caressed her cheek. Not as shocked as I am, he thought, pressing his lips to hers once more. Jessie's eyes were opened, as she watched Mitch close his eyes tight, as he pulled her closer. Breaking contact, her mouth blazed a hot, wet trail to his ear. Mitch's eyes opened as he felt her lips barely touching his earlobe, her warm breath, on his neck - cold air, warm breath, cold air, warm breath.

    "Open your eyes Mitch," Jessie breathed heavily into his ear, then kissing it. "You're not dreaming."

    "I'm not?" Mitch said.

    "No," Jessie said, smiling.

    Mitch kissed her again. It was wonderfully long and passionate. A simple kiss, but yet, still so wonderful, as their tongues touched playfully. Jessie grabbed Mitch by the sides of his shirt, and pulled, swinging him around, pushing him gently down onto the loveseat.

    Jessie smiled, caressing Mitch's cheek, before she leaned down for another kiss, her hair falling into her face. Scooting her legs up, Jessie struggled to get comfortable with Mitch on the loveseat.

    Mitch pulled himself up to kiss Jessie, on the lips, then on her chin, tilting it up to kiss beneath it, leaving a trail of kisses all the way down her neck. Jessie moaned, propping herself up on Mitch's chest. Mitch's hands traveled up her sides, to the sides of her breasts. No.. I can't, he thought, hesitating, at least not yet..

    Jess leaned down, her breasts tingling, as they brushed against his chest, yearning for his hands to continue their hungry exploration of her body. Why was he stopping? I'll fix that, she smiled, pressing herself fully against him.

    "I must be dreaming," he moaned into her ear, nibbling on her neck.

    "Judge for yourself," Jessie said, taking Mitch's hands in her own. Fingers entwined, she guided his hands onto her body, tracing the curves of her breasts, down her waist, and back up in one slow motion.

    "Oooh Mitch.." Jessie moaned, as he sucked on her earlobe. Jessie moaned and melted, feeling Mitch cup her breast in his hand, kissing her deeply, passion mounting, his free hand skimming down her side to rest on her hip.

    The sensual tug of war had begun. Yet what Mitch didn't realize was that Jess fully intended to see the sexual tension to its fruition. She had called his bluff, and in the process found herself swept up into a building sexual current. Feeling the pressure of his hand on her hip, she moaned her pleasure into Mitch’s mouth, pressing her pelvis into his growing arousal.

    "Open your eyes Mitch," she purred heavily into his ear, kissing it, as she wrapped her legs around him, slowly grinding her hips in little circles, rubbing up against him. Jessie could see the torture etched across Mitch's features, as she licked his lips, muffling his moans of pleasure by plunging her tongue into his mouth once again. They were lying length to length, and she could feel Mitch fighting to stop his body from reacting. But his was losing the battle.

    Blood racing hot in his veins, Mitch could hear his heart pounding, feel his pulse in the bulge in his pants. He had called her bluff, and she had met his challenge head on. Fighting to gain control of his mounting passion, Mitch concentrated on opening his eyes. "They're open," he panted.

    Jessie smiled. "Good," she purred, blowing into his ear. Mitch grabbed onto Jessie, his arms shaking, head tilted back in pleasure. Jessie's warm breath sent delicious shivers down his spine, causing Mitch to close his eyes tightly again. "Keep them open I said," Jessie purred.

    Jessie's hair was all over Mitch's face, but he didn't care, inhaling deeply. Through the salty scent of the ocean he could smell the strawberry shampoo she used. His eyes opened again, and Jessie blew into his ear once more, a very long, slow, drawn out breath, as Mitch quivered, and bite his lip.

    Jessie was driving Mitch crazy, and she loved it. Making Zach go nuts was always fun, but she had Mitch frozen with fear, or was it passion? It was a rush to have this much control over a man, and Jess was savoring every moment of it, making Mitch tremble. Her tongue touched the inside curves of his ear, and, feeling him pull away slightly, Jessie cradled the back of Mitch's head in her right hand, threading her fingers through his hair, holding it in place. "Not so fast," she whispered, dragging her lips down to his earlobe, pulling it into her mouth, between her lips and gently sucking on it, finishing off with a kiss.

    "Jessie.." Mitch gasped.

    Jessie smiled, and started kissing down his neck, small little kisses, her lips barely coming off his skin, working her way down to kiss and nibble on his shoulder.

    "Jessie," Mitch gasped again, bringing his shaking hand to her sides. "Please, I.. I.." he begged, "I can't.."

    Jessie paused, her heart skipping a beat. "Can't what?" she said, disappointment evident in her voice.

    "My ears.. just don't.. they're.."

    Jessie smiled, the frown disappearing. "They're what?"

    "They're my.. my.."

    "Sweeeeeeeetttttt spot?" Jessie asked, blowing into his ear once more.

    Jessie's breath reached into Mitch again, warming his heart, chilling his spine, shaking his whole body. His mind was going, slowly turning off, his heart pumping, body trembling, something else was taking hold.

    "So if I keep doing this.." she teased, gazing sexily into his eyes, pressing her body against his, darting her pointed tongue tracing the curves of his ear.

    "I.. I.." Mitch gasped, feeling her hands roam his body, her teeth nibbling on his earlobe.

    Jessie leaned in closer, blowing in his ear once again. "You'll what?"

    "Lose control.."

    Mitch wrapped his arms around Jessie, and lay her onto her back. His breath was coming in shallow bursts now, feeling Jess tugging to untuck his shirt, struggling to undo the button on his jeans, her wild writhing on the loveseat hiking the T-shirt higher and higher.

    "Do it," Jessie whispered, "lose control," she moaned, as Mitch’s hand cupped her crotch. "You know you want it," she gasped, arching her back, lifting her hips off the loveseat, her right hand stroking his bulge through his jeans, pulling Mitch’s body down on her with her left.

    The blood was pumping wildly through Mitch’s veins now, pounding a rhythm at his temples, adding a tempo to the endless stream of thoughts rushing through his mind. It would be so easy to take Jessie right then and there. They both wanted it, passion burning bright in her big hazel eyes. Just slide her panties off, and bury himself inside her, showing Jess just how much he wanted her. But a sliver of reason cut through the blinding passion. No protection.. their friendship.. Zach.. Mitch took Jessie's face in his hands, and hoped that his kiss would accurate dispel any doubt she might have after what he was about to do. Gazing deeply into her eyes, he tilted her chin up, slowly, ever so slowly pressing his lips to hers. Never before had he poured so much heart into a kiss, that was both urgent yet gentle, passionate yet underscored with tenderness. Hugging Jessie close, Mitch captured her lips under his, owning her, if only for a precious moment. She moaned into his mouth, grasping tightly to him, her heart pounding wildly against his chest.

    "I.. I.." Mitch mumbled into Jessie's hair.

    "What? Tell me.." Jessie pleaded.

    Mitch closed his eyes again, hating himself for what he was about to do. "I don't know about you, but I need a drink," he said, suddenly releasing her.

    "I see you've gotten a head start on me," he stated, matter-of-factly, grabbing the closest bottle to him, the Absolut.

    Steadying his shaky hand on the edge of the desk, he lifted a shot glass. "Fix you another?"

    "What?!" Jessie asked, incredulously.

    He was teasing, he had to be. Okay, maybe she had pushed the teasing thing a little far, but this? What was he doing? The clarity of her current reality hit her like a brick, shattering the blurring heat of her emotions. So this is how it was going to be? she thought. Fine. Pulling her shirt down roughly, Jess scrambled into an upright position.

    "Yeah, whatever," she answered, in barely a whisper, taking the shot from him, making damned sure her fingers didn't touch his. Tossing it back, Jessie bit her lip, her newly throbbing wrist only adding starker clarity to the scene.

    Mitch's heart sank, as he noticed the fact that Jessie had inched away from him, towards the other end of the loveseat, leaving the lemon wedge untouched. Why won't you look at me? his mind screamed. Because she hates you, a little voice sneered in his head. Pouring another stiff shot, Mitch downed it in one gulp, the vodka searing a path down this throat. He wanted to turn her around and explain, but he couldn't.

    He had taken the easy way out, but somehow it was better this way. With the light of day would come thoughts of Zach that he was sure would lessen the impact of what had just happened between them. All the same, Mitch laid a comforting hand on Jessie's knee, leaning forward, trying to meet her gaze through the long curtain of her hair.

    But it was Jessie's turn to our on the act. "My hand's killing me," she said, reaching for the vodka bottle.

    "Lemme run upstairs.."

    "Naw.. I got my medicine right here," she chuckled weakly, bringing the opened bottle to her lips. Taking a deep breath, wondering fleetingly, just what the hell she thought she was doing, Jess raised the bottle to her lips, letting a healthy swig of vodka snake down her throat. Jessie coughed and spurted, cursing herself for her flair for the dramatic.

    "Damn woman," Mitch said, shaking his head. "Be careful with that.."

    "Me?" Jess asked, feeling the effects of the alcohol start to numb the rough edges again. "How about you? That stuff's lethal. I could take my nail polish off with it.."

    Mitch felt the tightness start to melt from his shoulders. A good laugh always was great medicine. "Oh stop," he laughed, "at least I'm not drinking from the bottle like some bum!"

    "Well excuuuuuuuse me," Jessie said, punching Mitch playfully in the arm. "You're such a big baby, always have been too.." Resolve strengthening with every sip, Jessie realized what she really wanted to do was cold cock him right in the chin for being such a chicken shit.

    "Am not!" Mitch whined, leaning back onto the loveseat, After Shock in tow.

    "Oh you are too," Jessie said, taking another swig of vodka. "Who was the one who got us our first fake ID's? Me! That's who.." And it's me, she thought, biting back a wicked chuckle, who should show you just how pleasurable being courageous can be.. She was babbling, and she knew it, but she had to, or she’d cry, her body still aching with need.

    Her wild streak was emerging, a pleasant hum buzzing in her head. All the alcohol was warming her blood, only adding to the dangerous fire growing inside her. Two can play at this game, Jessie thought, remembering all the times Zach had given in to his sexual hunger. She knew full well Mitch was stealing little glimpses of her body, clearly outlined by the street light shining through the window behind his desk. It would be so easy to lure Mitch into finishing what they had started earlier..

    "Who drives the motorcycle?" Mitch stammered, his eyes darting to Jessie's thigh, as she stretched out next to him.

    If you had the balls, you could have something much more pleasurable between you legs, Jess thought. "Big deal," she chuckled, looking him square in the eyes, offering up a silent dare. Join me for our own little thrill ride, she thought, I dare you. Mitch looked at Jess, through big glassy eyes. Seemed the After Shock was kicking in. Jess lifted her arms, stretching them above her head, causing her night shirt to rise even higher. "Is it hot in here?" she asked, bringing he hands to her neck, caressing it, letting her fingers thread into her hair, lifting it off her shoulders, "or is it me?"

    The fact that the oversized T-shirt plunged low and open wasn't lost on Mitch, perilously close to exposing more of Jessie’s breasts than he was ready to handle. Mitch felt his heart pound in his chest, his breath becoming shallower. Yes, it is you, Mitch's mind raced, that's the problem.

    "It is hot, isn't it," stammered Mitch, "but I'll fix that.."

    Jessie arched her eyebrows, surprised at Mitch's last statement, and turned to face him, inching closer, forcing his hand before he had the chance to change his mind. "Oh?" she smiled, resting her hand on Mitch's lap, invitingly. "How?"

    "ICE," Mitch gasped, jumping off the sofa. "We need ice.. Be right back."

    The door slammed noisily behind him, as Mitch made his quick getaway. Jessie groaned, her head thudding back onto the sofa. "CHICKEN!" she called out into the empty office. It would take more than ice to cool her jets, but Absolut would have to do. Taking another swig from the bottle, Jess sighed. Maybe this was more trouble than it was worth.

* * * * *

Will Jess and Zach get back together? Will Mitch ever tell Jess how he really feels? Tune in for more of Dusk to Dawn...

* * * * *

Copyright 1998 Susana Audrain and Richard Tingle  All rights reserved, which includes the right to reproduce this novel or portions thereof in any form whatsoever except as provided by the U.S. Copyright Law.


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