Cast of Characters

Setting: Hollywood Beach - a sun-kissed strip of paradise along Florida's south east coast, where life is casual. Beach lovers, nine to fivers, regulars.. they're all welcome at the Dusk to Dawn. Only a few paces away from the beach, many find the bar to be the perfect end to their day. Bleached pine floors surrounded by a wide expanse of picture windows.. it's almost like you're still on the beach, only better. A friendly efficient staff is happy to help you quench your thirst by bringing you a drink from the fully stocked bar. Hungry? Grab a bite to eat, while you watch the large screen tv, listen to the jukebox or just sit back and get to know some of the regulars..

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Mitch Williams: Being the people person that he is, Mitch is content in his role as barkeep and manager of the bar Dusk to Dawn for now.. Who wouldn't be? Right off the sunny beaches of Hollywood, Florida, many different types of people wander into the bar in search of a cold beer, good music and a bite to eat. From his position behind the bar, Mitch meets a lot of interesting people, making mental notes for future reference in his dream project - the book he's always wanted to write. Yet in his role as observer, is Mitch letting the world and its opportunities pass him by?

Jessie Reynolds: An old friend of Mitch's from high school, Jessie is a regular at the Dusk to Dawn, often seeking refuge from her hectic life at the bar chatting with Mitch. Jessie works for a local newspaper "The Wave" as a reporter, a paper that happens to be owned by her boyfriend Zach. A happy, self professed Eighties baby, Jessie rolls with the punches, and she has to, with a man like Zach in her life.

Zach Blair: The spoiled heir to a publishing fortune, Zach is used to getting what he wants when he wants it, including women. Editor of one of his powerful father's local newspapers, Zach rides his last name for all it's worth. Why work hard when he doesn't have to? Quite the lady's man, Zach plays hard, and lives his life of privilege to the max. To hell with anyone who gets in his way. His beautiful girlfriend Jessie is just that - a pretty bauble on his arm to make him look good, and help him forge his way to his goal, THE TOP.

Sid Marshall: Quirky is the best way to describe Sid. Only true mutual affection could have kept Mitch and Sid friends since their high school days. His heart is in the right place, it's just hidden under all his crusty bravado. Not one to mince words, Sid's mouth often gets the best of him, especially after a few brews at his designated stool at the bar. Ribbing his friend on his taste in music, Sid neglects to mention, even to his best friend, Mitch, just how deep his interest in music runs, specifically the blues.

Angel Bernardo: After losing his wife Suzanne, Angel moved to New York to start a new life for himself. Making a great living as the owner of a lingerie store, Angel was able to invest in the Dusk to Dawn, leaving his friend Mitch at the helm when he moved up north. Yet Angel is soon to find out that no matter how far away he moves, his problems come with him.

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